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    Default Image Comics releases scheduled for July 2019 (solicitations)

    Looks like these were already released last week, but here's a short rundown of what's new this July at Image.

    -Brubaker & Philips are releasing Criminal #2 and #3 with extra content as a stand-alone hardcover titled Bad Weekend. Same format as My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies, which was a big success a little while back.
    -Bitter Root gets a one-shot Summer Special issue.
    -Postal: Deliverance is a new Postal series launching this July.
    -Justin Jordan's new series Reaver will launch. Rebekah Isaacs and Alex Guimaraes are on art duties.
    -Sea of Stars is a new series about space truckers, meaning it'll have to be pretty great if it wants to compete with Firefly and Cowboy Bebop.
    -Mark Millar will launch another new series, called Space Bandits.
    -Cullen Bunn is also back with a new series, Unearth, which also enlists Kyle Strahm (artist of Spread) in a writing role.
    -Sunstone is expanding into the yearly calendar market. Let's assume this one will include 18 months, so you're set until December 2020.

    News about ongoing series:
    -Black Science wraps up with issue #43. Impressive run for a varied sci-fi series.
    -Merch for Ice Cream Man.
    -Little Bird will end its run with issue 5.
    -Paper Girls will also end, at issue 30, which'll be double-sized for good measure.
    -Skyward is slated to end with issue 15.
    -If you hate the deluxe hardcovers for being too small, Saga has you covered. They're taking a leaf out of Invincible/Walking Dead's books and releasing a Compendium collecting issues #1-54. Only order this if your mailman doesn't have lower back problems.
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    Strikes me as a slow month. Nothing for me personally. Although I'll most likely end up sticking with Ascender.

    Congrats to Rick Remender et al on the conclusion of Black Science.

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    Outer Darkness #8
    Spawn #299

    No SD, probably because its like 4 issues behind.
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    only Criminal, Lazarus, and Excellence, for me.
    My interest in Image offerings has really declined...and I'm sorry about that.
    Right now--it appears I'm getting the most titles from... Ahoy!
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