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    Default Batman / Teenage Mutant Turtles III Interview


    The Turtles themselves have been merged with the personalities (and costumes) of Batman’s various Robins: Leonardo merged with Nightwing, Rafael with Red Hood, Donatello with Red Robin, and Michelangelo with Robin/Damian Wayne.

    At the center of the story is the TMNT villain Krang, only in this story, he’s been merged with DC’s world-devouring villain, the Anti-Monitor — the cosmic entity who caused DC’s first “Crisis.”

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    Cool I saw the character design but didn't know it was going to be part of the plot.

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    So, next and final crossover between Batman and the TMNT is going to be like "Amalgam Universe" or the "Infinity Warps". I gotta say, it sounds quite crazy; but then again, at 2003's series, the turtles knew a team of superheroes called the Justice Force, who were clearly based on the Justice League. I saw the sketches, and they really look awesome:

    + Batman: He doesn't seem merged with anybody, but maybe he could be merged with Nobody, a character from the TMNT's universe who is clearly based on Batman.
    + Leonardo and Nightwing: Perfect match.
    + Raphael and Red Hood: Another perfect match.
    + Donatello and Red Robin (Tim Drake): Another perfect match, the smartest turtle with the smartest Robin. (The sketch said "Red Hood", but it's obvious he meant "Red Robin").
    + Michaelangelo and Robin (Damian): It was clear Mikey had to be Robin, but Damian's version? I don't see how Mikey's immaturity will match with Damian's darkness.
    + Splinter and Alfred: Seriusly, I don't think what to think. I can't imagine Splinter acting like a brittish butler. I think, in fact, it could be insulting.

    + Laughing Man (Shredder and the Joker): Seriously? I know they had to balance the influence of both franchises, but wouldn't had been more logical to merge Shredder and Ras al Ghul?
    + Smile Soldiers: Creepy deja vu from the crossover between "Batman: the animated series" and Nickelodeon's TMNT.
    + Krang and Anti-Monitor: Whoaa!! Everybody take cover, Doom's day is upon us; and I don't mean Superman's enemy.
    + Bebops and Killer Croc: Huh? wouldn't have been more logical to combine Killer Croc with Leatherhead? After all, they are both crocodiles/alligators.
    + Rocksteady and Clayface: Not sure, honestly. Although "clay" can turn into "rock".
    + Karai and Harley Quinn: OK, now this is an insulting to Karai's character. If Shredder would have been merged with Ras al Ghul, Karai could have been combined with Talia.
    + Deadshot: Not clear about who could be combined with him.

    They are missing April and Casey Jones, honestly. April could be combined with Batgirl, but I don't know what to do with Casey. (Scratch that, I already read he's a police; which sounds weird). What do you think?

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