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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
    Its not apples to oranges. UXM and Avengers have both been out for about 16ish issues. Go look at the numbers through Disassembled to now. The 2 series are comparable in sales month to month. You are doing some wonky logic with the 2nd month, soft reboot, return rationalization. That only mattered the first month but as of March, things are back to how they were pre soft reboot
    Nah, your logic is wonky, and you're reaching... desperately. Was Avengers ever weekly, like during Disassembled? Uncanny featured the much ballyhooed returns of Wolverine & Cyclops, from just #11 on, Avengers have anything comparable to that? What significant creative changes has Avengers gone through while making its way to #17, to what Uncanny has had at only #14, and just since #10?
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