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    Default Cheese Dip v. Great Meloncholy - at last!

    It's true! It's true! It's
    Conan versus Groo!
    I just ordered issue number one and so. should. you.
    At last! After years and years of rumors and sly sample pages
    it's a title listed in the most recent Preview,
    on page 45, so no more moanin'--
    at last! at last! It's Groo versus Conan.

    spoiler alert:
    Groo wins.
    He has to.
    How can mighty thews defeat a great potato nose?

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    My excitement for this title has gone nuclear. So happy that Groo is back, as well as the Goon and Usagi this summer. I just discovered the Goon and Usagi Yojimbo for the very first time this past week and now I'm over the moon.

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    I love crossovers. This'll be fun.

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