Nope, not Indy (That's already in the works). According to rumors, they are considering bringing back Willow, the movie which starred Warwick C Davis along with Val Kilmer, which sort of mixed the kind of part of the Star Wars formula (A ragtag group of unlikely heroes) with a fantasy setting (slightly similar to LOTR). Despite a lot of marketing from Lucas and co. the film wasn't a huge hit but has sort of had a cult following in the year since.

It will be another one of the Disney+ series along with Mandalorian, Clone Wars revival, Cassian and of course the tons of Marvel projects.

They can even bring Warwick back I think, he's not really that old. He didn't do the Leprechaun sequel/soft reboot that came out a while back but can you blame him?

Ron Howard is said to be involved. Sure, SOLO wasn't exactly a huge hit but I think that's partially due to circumstances beyond his control.