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    You're insane if you think Marvel is just not gonna do a F4 movie for those silly reasons(that if anything, will just make their version more easily well received).

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    Quote Originally Posted by shades of eternity View Post
    very salvageable.

    I can't speak for most of the ff, but I got some opinions on Thing.

    For starters,

    Ben Grimm is Jack Kirby's Avatar. He's a temperamental man with a heart of gold. There were tales of Jack going into the back street and getting into fights.

    Ben does this. Off camera, he'd wander onto the dark streets of the Marvel Universe, beat up everybody, "gift wrap" the bad guys and leave grumbling the entire time.

    Because of this, I want the thing to be the cameo character as well. Sometimes it's in the background, sometimes is just as silly as Stan has done,
    but the fact is I want thing to act as the cameo artist to make up for the fact we never got Jack to do cameos.

    There was a reason he the most popular character in the ff and at one point, was one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe (check out ads in the 60's and 70's and you'll see what I mean).

    He's also a man with a military background. Since we really can't use ww2, make him an all American air force pilot whom spent some time training with Carol and Maria.

    Hell, if it wasn't a totally different world, I'd say he knows Jack o'Neil from Stargate, and they really push each others buttons.

    He's also an older man compared to a lot of the cast. He was starting to settle down and is the type of man whom will tell stories to the
    kids because he knows how important it is to have somebody for them.

    and that was before a certain comic ray changed him into the ever loving blue eyed Thing. That wall of rock you can count on in your darkest hour.

    Whether it is to team up against Doctor Doom, or to babysit.

    In my perfect world, we'd resurrect Jack Kirby to play him.
    In a slightly less perfect world, we get Michael Chiklis to return to the role and let him voice act him for as long as he is able.


    and one day I want him and Wolverine playing poker until Deadpool crashes the game, with hilariousness occurring
    Id cosign on all of this sans the Logan Deadpool ish as i don't care all that much for either character.

    FF was the first comic I can remember collecting as a kid. I doubt it was the first, but that's the first I remember. Always been my favorite comic book, Thing my fave super hero.

    One of the few things Tim Story did right was Chiklis and Evans and Ben and Johnny. They were spot on .

    I think with some MCU tender love and care that the FF would be great and well received and perhaps we would get a proper Doom finally.

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    It is salvageable as long as Ben has eyebrows
    Why yes, I AM a Mark Goodson/Bill Toddman production.

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    A successful FF movie is so easy to make that--

    No, wait. The property can only be salvaged by already having Franklin and Val.

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    I think its inevitable for Marvel to want to set up Doctor Doom as potential team-level big bad for future phases.

    Which could be done without the FF I suppose, but I would think they would prefer to build him up in a new FF franchise to build him up to that.

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    I thought Daredevil was not salvageable but then Netflix happened.

    I think F4 will be okay.
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    Too toxic? Not at all! The first 2 flicks were fine! The Josh Trank one was unfinished and messy but interesting enough as it's own weird little thing.

    Bring on the FANTASTIC FOUR! That might actually get me interested.
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    maybe Chris Evans would sign up again to play the human torch at that point of time if he hasn't been able to get anything else going for him after his MCU cap stint.

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    not a prayer in hell of doing it well.
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    I think people overexaggerate how bad they were and I think the FF will be fine in the MCU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal View Post
    The first 2 were fine (for the time & what they were) while the last one was trash.

    Sure the brand isn’t the strongest atm, but the Marvel brand should be more than enough to offset the damage. As long as the trailer is good and the movie is great, they won’t have a problem
    Yeah, I think the Marvel brand would do a good job of carrying the film in terms of marketing and buzz over the past failed FF films.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisIII View Post
    MCU sort of has a good cosmic foundation right now, which is part of the FF's main thing. I'm wondering perhaps they could skip Doom this time, perhaps focus on maybe Annihilus or one of the others? Spider-Man homecoming, for example, didn't have anything to do with the Osborns.
    Maybe don't make Doom the main villain of the first movie but seed him for future films or the greater MCU.

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    We havent gotten a movie that remotely felt like th F4 since the first two. Tranks was barely recognizable. So I think they are fine. Build Doom outside the F4. In his own movie and other MCU stuff and then later connect them. Maybe Reed prior to being Mr Fantastic can play a side character in a Doom origin movie but that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vakanai View Post
    Never mind that it would require a lot more special effects than Game of Thrones I think.
    Some of the DC CW shows have already pulled off the necessary effects fairly well on a much smaller budget. Ralph Dibny on the Flash has Mister Fantastic's powers. Firestorm on the Flash and Legends is similar to the Human Torch. Invisble Woman powers are easy. The Thing would be the hardest but still doable.

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    I have faith in Marvel Studios. For sure they could produce a great FF movie. Maybe it would be a good idea to introduce them elsewhere first though... Ant-Man and the Fantastic Four perhaps?

    In any case, both Doom and Galactus need to be introduced at some point, because the MCU needs top of the line villains that present a real threat to the Avengers. (Also Norman Osborn needs to be brought in but that's for another day.)

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    Very salvageable. I can't wait for Marvel Studios to make a FF movie. Seems like the demand has been there, just the execution has failed.

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