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    Cool Jonathan Hickman's Post-House of X/Powers of 10 Book(s)

    Oh? Oh!


    Buckle up!

    Stay hydrated!

    Eat a salad!

    Long-Hickman style plans are forthcoming, babies!

    What could it be!? A book? A couple books? Every book!?

    Will Black Swan join the X-Men?

    Is Victor Von Doom the third Summers brother?

    Whatever happened to that displaced Logan and Sue Storm during Age of Ultron--crap, wrong architect!

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    Promised that Hickman has long term plans, and this won't be the same old thing that's come before.

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    Tom Brevoort

    I think it almost goes without saying, but the stuff @JHickman is planning with the X-Men is going to revolutionize everything you think you know about those characters and that series. It’s like Secret Wars turned up to 11.

    Long Hickman-style plan. More info forthcoming.

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    Post House of X and Powers of X books! Please give me more information.
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    Sounds promising, now we only have to hope that Hickman can deliver and that enough of the readership is onboard to keep it running as long as planned.

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    can the books just come out so i can die and then go slobber over more avengers stuff
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