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But Part of the rules state that no negative comments are supposed to be said about someones choice, only not to vote for it. It felt like the tone of the conversation was negative towards my cover as compared to the other cover.
Here's the rule:
7) It's Okay to Discuss the Covers but if you Think Someone's Entry Doesn't Fit the Theme or Violates the Rules, you Don't need to Argue it in the thread, Simply Don't Vote for It!

IMHO, the comments were a discussion of the cover itself (the typical controversy that a Frank Cho cover illicits!), not that it didn't fit the theme or that it violated the rules. But that's just my interpretation, and your mileage may vary. Anyway, the really important rule is:
so let's! Congratulations to both Ravin' Ray and icctrombone for a couple of great Sue Storm covers, and I enjoyed both entries!