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    Quote Originally Posted by Stature View Post
    Emma Fuhrmanm talking to Andy Park about Cassie's suit

    I love how enthusiastic she is about the role and Cassie's future in the MCU! There's also this video of her fangirling a little when the interviewer mentions the Young Avengers:

    I can't wait to see her interacting with whoever gets cast as Kate!

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    Oh you know she wants this badly because it'll be great for her acting career as well.

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    that's a shame. he wasn't really "uncle tony" in the movie-verse.
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    Yeah, she would've felt like she was there just to be there.

    I hope she gets to interact more with the Pyms in the next movie though. They may be old but she can still be close to Hank and Janet. I guess they can be her grandparents ?

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    IBT Interview with Emma

    In those comics, Cassie becomes a superhero herself, using the code names Stinger and Stature. Obviously, Furhmann wouldn’t mind suiting up and becoming an Avenger one day. “I think it would be a complete dream come true to be a superhero,” she added. “I just think having girls see more and more female superheroes nowadays is just so empowering, and I would love to be a part of that.”

    Let her suit up Marvel!

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