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"What?" Etrina picked up the cup in both hands, the gesture momentarily distracting her from her usual composure when dealing with the cook. There appeared to be a cute cat drowning(or melting) in her cup.....and foam animal abuse aside the cup had a rather nice smell to it. The Mage took a sip, a sigh of delight escaping her lips before she could recompose and immediately snap back into mistress mode(albit with a slight shade of red on her face). "Y...Yes. I mean....I expect nothing but the best. That you continue to deliver is simply the reason why you have my favor above all others. Just don't let it go to your head....or do.....Just know I'll be forced to discipline you again, when everything is finished..." The mage tilted her head away. Coming from Etrina....it wasn't a threat as much as an Invitation.

"Look! He even made tea for us!" Red flew a circle around her own cup, examining it before dunking her head in and pulling it up covered in foam. "Tasty Darkness!"

"Yes....well.....Foci do not need to drink tea.....However the intention is appreciated." Blue remarked by her own cup, while White sat on the rim and pushed down on her foam cat with her foot in either an attempt to drown or subjugate it.

Green was already asleep, face first into her team mug.....the occational bubbles breaking the foamy surface.
Setting the tea tray upon the seat next to Etrina, Zaofan reared back a moment with a small laugh as Red and Green plunged and bobbed within the sweet lather. "Oh, well...you're all so lively all the same, I nearly forgot, eh-heh," he replied to Blue. And by the way the Mistress' lips fought that smile and how her eyes shone with that sharpness, well! Looked like they didn't go to waste!

A fluttering filled his insides. Whether it was because of the shuttle's rapid ascent or the simple, gooey feeling of approval - even despite the backseat foamjob - a giddy grin fell over the chef's face. When she leaned back, daringly, he slyly craned his right arm over her cloaked shoulders, leaned in and nuzzled her hot, exposed cheek.

"Whatcha reading?"