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With a nod, Cyanna sought out Uraxat, then teleported to her. Arriving, "Mrs Uraxat, I need you to come with me. Praxat needs your help."
Uraxat would be burying the bodies of 19,994 of her children, with the help of other Toadians, and the Replitas." Whatever, it is it must be urgent. Okay, I will go with you," Uraxat said.

Craxat walks up to Uraxat." Mother, while you're gone. Sraxat, Draxat, Nraxat, and I will make sure our siblings get a proper burial. Still, I can't believe you united our race and the Replitas with just a speech," Craxat said as she coughs up some blood.

"Craxat, Sraxat, Draxat, and Nraxat. You four shouldn't be pushing yourselves with your injuries," Uraxat said.

" Don't worry about us, we'll be fine, " Craxat said.