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    Four hours later after cleaning her jobox's energy stabilizers. Praxat is doing research on the electromagnetic spectrum, and video processing & image processing. " This latest line of CPUs and GPUs are excellent, but the latest format of data storage doesn't have enough room for my needs, and it's not small enough," Praxat said.

    Praxat looks at the latest video processors. " These processors show promise with excellent black levels, gamma, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness adjustments. They have excellent frame rate conversion, color point conversion, color space conversion, and motion compensation. Still, only a few video processors out now are close to showing the full range of colors I'm able to see, " Praxat said.

    Praxat continues her research." Technically I'm capable of seeing a wider range of colors than a human. My ability to detect blue light is far better than a human's, and I can see color even in what a human would consider being pitch black. Not to mention that my field of view is much larger than a human's," Praxat said.

    Praxat looks through a couple of video processors as she does her research." With me being able to see almost 360 degrees. Which pretty much allows me to see stuff that is behind me save for one blind spot. Also, only a few processors here on Earth have what I consider acceptable frame rates for me," Praxat said.

    Praxat looks at video frame rates. " Most have frame rates that are acceptable to humans, but not to me. Frame rates that are acceptable to humans hurt my eyes and don't look like motion to me. I required around five hundred frames per second to perceive what I view as a moving picture," Praxat said.

    Praxat then focuses on researching more on the electromagnetic spectrum." I really don't like watching Earth movies. Seeing pictures on Earth screens just looks like a slide show made up of a sequence of static images to me. So the picture and recording mod is out of the question. Which means I'm better off focusing on the X-Ray vision mod," Praxat said.
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