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Due to her race's superior detection of blue light, Althena can spot shades of blue on the bird with the blue feathers that wouldn't be distinguishable to humans. " Since my Clairvoyance can't see into the future, that I know of. I can use my Clairvoyance to relay the current events or past events of a creature into my mind, but it only seems to work on creatures with high intelligence," Althena said.

Althena points at the bird with the blue feathers," I can see slightest of movements, and I can even hear their heartbeats. So I can only guess base on the slightest of movements and their heartbeats. That the bird with the lovely shades of blue will fly first," Althena said.
Andron nods, then speaks again, "And what of the other one? Can you say what the other one will do once blue bird takes flight?"