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    Karine hadn't expected them to wake up so suddenly but seeing his state..she wished he hadn't. She had healing powers but she had no way to dampen the pain they were obviously in. The comment he made confused her a bit, she could only guess they had some sort of nightmare while he was out. Ochazuke was always so strong and sure of himself that seeing them like this was a strong reminder that despite all that, he too, like everyone else was mortal. "There is no Auroc here, please calm down

    But if she couldn't help, she did know someone who could. She sent a quick plea to her friend. 'Aleka, if you're awake please come by me. Ochazuke needs something for the pain and he's in a bad way. Quickly.'

    There was a pause, and for a beat Karine didn't think she'd get a reply and then there was a quick. 'I'll be there.'

    Relief flooded the young woman even as she felt semi helpless to do more for them then what she was doing at the moment besides make sure he survived through the ordeal. Aleka, true to her word came in mere moments later glancing at the creature that used to be Charco with a hard to read expression before making her way to the downed martial artist to do her own thing. Their methods of healing were different, but another perk of hers was drastically numbing the pain.

    He'd still feel it, he'd still be sore, but at the very least he could function. And with the two women tending to them focused, his chances increased that much more.
    The energy passed from another set of hands; to his reckoning, less pointed and surgical, but of a method that carried with it a steady measyre of experience, and with it, he felt some assurance; that if he should fall, she would catch him. Slowly, his seizing movements stilled; but while he felt some relief from the sharp pains within, the stubborn air in his chest left his breathing in a pattern of short, wheezing gasps.

    Ochazuke was still groggy, his responses sharp even in this semi-lucid state, but to the empathic sense, the raw drive of his malady came in waves. Surrounded by air, but unable to intake a breath as his chest remained expanded from the pressure, it was like a consummate threat of drowning.

    [IHollow. Pain. Stabbing.[/I] If sensation could be conveyed, the sheer pain surely was prominent. More than his crushed forearm, Ochazuke gestured towards something within when he drew it close to him.

    Above his flank, and beneath shattered ribs, the fragile organ tissue of his lung within was being smothered by the very air.

    There was an air of familiarity to this sensation, as if he had somehow been through similar and known this would pass. The distress was from something far deeper than broken bones and the bruises welling within him, unseem. Within fragments of thoughts, Karine might feel them as they lashed violently about him.

    The dark god. His view crossed our path again. He'd stand to fight if he could, to assuage a deep-seeded fear unspoken. His eye drawn near. To the Earth. And through it all, the thoughts were awash in a sense of frustration, and mourning.

    As if, were it the case he could not respond to this now, this would be another thing that would be lost forever.

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    With her body's moisture fully restore Praxat picks herself up puts on her goggles." Thank you, Althena," Praxat said.

    " Praxat, Dash said your skills are needed to help with fixing the ship. I'll go check on the others to see if they need tending to," Althena said.

    Althena goes to check on the others to see if they need to be healed. Praxat takes out her specialized gloves and puts them on. She then takes out a rubber-like tube and puts it on her tongue.

    After that uses her tongue to remove the power amplifier from her power armor. ( My power amplifier worked as intended, but it nearly cost me my life. I could use it to boost the ship's main drive after repairing it. However, that could be risky not to mention possibly highly dangerous,) Praxat thought.

    Praxat then gets to work on repairing the main drive.

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