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Thread: Orion vs. Thor

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    Default Orion vs. Thor

    A thread ive posted before but never get tired of posting ;P

    This time with twists!

    1: Classic 616 Thor vs. Post Crisis Odin

    2: Same match but no equipment.

    3: Nu/Rebirth Orion vs. Thor in Destroyer Armor

    4: Pre Crisis Darkseid vs. Classic Odin

    5: Loki (616) vs. Big Barda (post crisis)

    All fights in the Arena.
    "So full of hate were our eyes
    That none of us could see
    Our war would yield countless dead
    But never victory
    So let us cast arms aside
    And like discard our wrath
    Thou, in faith, will keep us safe
    Whilst we find the path"

    -The Covenant Writ of Union

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