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The Three Mini-Sasheems held their fighting pose for a minute...then the sweat drops began to pour down the trio's heads. Then their knees began to shake.

It was no fair! These stoopids had fighting power all on their own, while they were left with a meager fraction of their combined self's strength aside from a couple attacks. Gulping the three did what they were limited to do and shifted into Katchin mode...before flying forth, each attempting to headbutt an Erosa.
In response to the attempt at a headbutt, Larva Erosa simply bites down on his head...leaving his tiny body sticking out of her mouth.

What things that ,majin saw, staring down the abyss, was his and his alone.

Pupa met the majins headbutt with her own headbutt....as was customary when determining who the alpha was.

Adult Erosa stepped back and let her maws fling themselves at the mini Sasheem.....both clamping onto his katchin coated head in such a way as to blind him and they attempted to chew(unsuccessfully) through the metal.