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    Looking uncomfortable, "You see, to be honest, my people aren't all that, um, comfortable with non-Chromakai living on the planet yet. The only ones that have are Earth humans, but that's only because of their relationship to my sister. I mean, I know they will help Praxat's sister and Killrog, my sister is very open to healing and helping others and the Chromakai Intellectuals will help as well if my sister asks them too, but actually living there, that's another story. There's got to be someplace else where you can go."

    "It's good to see that Qaceria is taking her responsibilities seriously. "
    " Yeah, it is good that she's taking responsibility. Cyanna, what about Zykona and her brother going to either the homeworld of the Yardrats or Namek. could they stay at those either of those two worlds?" Praxat said.

    "Mr. Gazaki wants to inform everyone here that my creator Qaztoh's message isn't finished," Mr. Gazaki said.

    Mr. Gazkai continues playing Qaztoh's message." furthermore, I will not be the head of this new government. That position will go to an appointed prime minister. I will be the head of the state," The recording of Qaztoh said.

    " Also, I want there to be a Qaceria and Choma alliance. I want the alliances my mother broke with previous planets to be restored. I want to restore alliances with the Mokaths, The Titans, and the other races we previously had an alliance to," The recording of Qaztoh said.

    " I also want to fix our colony planets, but it' most likely too late for that. I don't think the damage my mother indirectly cause to the colony planets can be undone," The recording of Qaztoh said.

    " I know just the person for such a position, My mother Uraxat," Praxat said.
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