Pretty much what the title says. A while ago, I bought a collection of all the main Star Wars movies. I just watched episode 4 and it was one of the special editions as you would expect. But there was a second disk. I thought it might be a commentary. But the original 20th century Fox and Lucasfilm labels. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. STAR WARS. "It is a period of civil war..."

That's when I knew. OMG. No Episode 4: A New Hope. Even the film quality was what was seen on-screen back then. It was not the 1977 original because a couple of things gave it away. One was that the "Open the blast doors/ close the blast doors" joke was edited with the first part cut off hence cutting off the joke. The other was that, when they were attacking the Death Star and speaking fighter to fighter, part of the conversation had an electronic sound while, in the 1977 release, it all sounded like human voices. So it was the 1978 or 1979 release. But that's a minor point.

I had just watched the special edition which was all well and good and had some good scenes like Luke talking to Biggs which was edited from the original release for time purposes. But the switching to scenes that were not in the original kept slightly pulling me out of the story. Then I watched the 78/ 79 release and felt that I was really seeing the movie I originally saw again.

I really hope Disney releases all the versions so that everyone can have their favorite or the first one they saw.