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    Arrow Where can I go to yell about video games?

    I would like a place where I can post in all caps about my favorite console what games I think are making life worth living and the such? any clue besides 4chan where I can go to tell into the face of others yelling about video games?

    (On you love misspellings in thread title huh? I didn't know. Sorry I can't edit that)

    So I can't delete thread? Hmm. Teaching lessons.
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    Here and there


    Why not here?

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    You're gonna find that the majority of the internet doesn't tolerate ALL CAPS posting.

    If you want to talk about video games, I would suggest a video game website. Google might help, and they won't even penalize for ALL CAPS.

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    Imagine Games Network (IGN) has a pretty big message board. I think a lot of people who post here used to post at that comic board but jumped here (I think it was due in part to a premium membership issue that I'm not sure is a thing anymore). Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    Hi, I think there are a lot of places where you can talk about video games. You can go to an Internet cafe, you can just find guys who play games, you can visit forums. There are many options. I'm a big minecraft fan. I really love this game. I like to talk about games. I recently came across one ggservers platform. It helps me a lot in minecraft. You can also create your own server there. Which is really cool. I advise everyone.
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