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    Arrow Where can I go to yell about video games?

    I would like a place where I can post in all caps about my favorite console what games I think are making life worth living and the such? any clue besides 4chan where I can go to tell into the face of others yelling about video games?

    (On you love misspellings in thread title huh? I didn't know. Sorry I can't edit that)

    So I can't delete thread? Hmm. Teaching lessons.
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    Here and there


    Why not here?

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    You're gonna find that the majority of the internet doesn't tolerate ALL CAPS posting.

    If you want to talk about video games, I would suggest a video game website. Google might help, and they won't even penalize for ALL CAPS.

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    Imagine Games Network (IGN) has a pretty big message board. I think a lot of people who post here used to post at that comic board but jumped here (I think it was due in part to a premium membership issue that I'm not sure is a thing anymore). Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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