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    Default Elmer Sglue (Powerpuff Girls) runs a Godzilla gauntlet.

    This is the weird kid-turned-radioactive-paste-kaiju from The (Original) Powerpuff Girls, Season 1, Episode 15 (assuming you see each 11 minute episode as its own separate entity) or S1E8-A (Assuming you see each full 21 minute airing as one episode): "Paste Makes Waste".

    He has to beat each form of Godzilla in this gauntlet, assuming he can get far.

    A) Orignal Godzilla

    B) Showa Godzilla (1970- )

    C) Godzilla (vs. SpaceGodzilla)

    D) Godzilla 1998 (Godzilla is the name that this film is legally trademarked under, and as such, the monster "Zilla" which appeared in Final Wars was NOT 1998 Godzilla, but a completely separate monster based on him).

    E) Godzilla II (Godzilla: The Animated Series)

    F) Cyborg Godzilla (Godzilla: TAS)

    G) Shin-Godzilla

    H) Godzilla (Legendary, 2014/2019)

    Size equalized in every round.

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    The only Godzilla who loses, is D or regular Zilla. Note I will never call that damned thing Godzilla, sure as Hell did not feel like it.

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