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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dog View Post
    Thanks to the power of Speed Force, Barry Allen has run on clouds. I'm pretty sure he could "Deus ex Speed Force" his way to Pluto by running on cosmic dust or something.
    Yes it's known and while running on clouds is significant, if anyone wants scan above^

    However even more significant to the topic, yet still ignored by everyone here.

    Besides expelling atoms, (which weakens (if it leads to "disintegrate" him I'll let you debate LOL! )
    He can literally run on photons.
    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    Can pretty much run on *photons - light waves/particles, and release atoms (particles/waves) in specific directions to re-direct himself.

    *What are photons you ask? Flash Fact -

    And again, follow them through space he can literally just step in another direction to redirect himself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    He can redirect photons.
    And he can follow them up through space, as the scans indicate.
    Besides generating them (yes he generates energy) and though light has no mas it does have energy, and that energy can give you momentum, they can push him in a different direction by redirecting them (see solar sails), and accelerate him in that direction.
    Further other scans I linked to show him literally running on photons, he can "step" in another direction.
    Vibrating he can expel/direct them to change directions, light has energy.
    It is how solar sails that can change direction and accelerate work, we have those, they exist!

    I'm suggesting there is a simpler better idea at work, just combine the premise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    Even more significant however, yet still ignored by everyone here?.
    I'm here to discuss the issue of atoms being expelled, and how long that'll take to actually DO anything to the Flash, because I found it mathematically interesting.

    Whether or not he wins (or can run on photons!) isn't that issue.
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