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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyke View Post
    Okay, but I feel like your average New Yorker would vehemently disagree with you. Or at least, that's what Ghostbusters II taught me.
    The taxi drivers there are surely blood lusted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    First as far as left standing are we just talking Manhattan or the 5 boroughs?

    National Guard who hang bellow at pen and Grand train stations, are pretty much useless against Dany and Dragons. Not sure why anyone is invoking them, the arms they carry are useless against the speed and height dragons are flying, and more importantly by the time they even get upstairs and in any kind of useful position, half the City is on fire to destroyed. They are not getting there. If they had started on rooftops (by the thousands) maybe they could have had some effect with on-mass machine gunfire tearing at the dragons , but they are not up there, that is not where they hang, and they are not getting up there fast enough. Neither are civilians)

    As far as civilian on the ground what they pack is mostly useless, unless anyone is pulling out bazookas or anti aircraft missiles. pretty sure they are uncommon to non-existent. (except maybe some nut-job out in Long Island, which Dany isn't even flying over anyway.

    That anyone is invoking civilians and cops with hand guns is laughable. The useless Cops and civilians on the ground, are mostly getting trampled by masses of panicked running civilians, burnt alive, zero visibility through smoke, falling debris, glass and ash, by the time they even look up to get a clear shot , the dragons flown on to the other end of the city, causing more of the same.

    First strike will be when the air-force gets there and take her and dragons down with speed and fire power). Although by then most of Manhattan is taken out. No way fire dept gets anything under control at this level, by end maybe just the outskirts of Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island survive.
    Sounds about right to me.

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    Having some experience with handguns and rifles, I'm fleeing in terror unless cornered. I agree it's the jets and it wouldn't take too long for them to get there - given the changes after 9/11.

    The NYPD helicopters with 50 BMG rifles might be of some use, but I wouldn't want to be in one.

    I have to recall the idiotic use of helicopter gun ships in that execrable Zilla movie. They didn't even have the gun placement correct and the pilots flew like fools. Of course, that common in most movies, such as the latest Kong flic.

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