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    Default Comic Ages: Official/Unofficial

    The majority of us have heard of the Ages timeframes in comics. Over the last 20 years the list of Ages as been expanded.

    For you, what is your Ages timeframes that you go by?

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    Golden Age is 1940s and a few years either side. For Marvel it's from Marvel Comics #1 in 1939 through to 1961. Fantastic Four #1 ends it by starting the Silver Age. For DC it's slightly different, from Detective Comics #1 in 1937 to 1956, when Barry Allen Flash debuted in Showcase #4.
    Silver is from the second coming of the superheroes through to around 1970.
    Bronze is 1970 to 1986. Crisis of Infinite Earths, Watchmen, and Secret Wars all happened around then.

    After that it gets murky. I'd say another new era started in around 2011-2012, which is when Marvel NOW and DC New 52 happened and digital comics started being commonplace.

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    I keep mine simple:

    Golden Age 1933-September, 1956
    Silver Age October, 1956-September, 1986
    Modern Age October, 1986-present*
    * Modern Age split into sub-catagories:
    DC: Man of Steel: October, 1986-November, 1999
    Birthright: December, 1999-April, 2006
    Secret Origin: May, 2006-October, 2011
    New 52: November, 2011-present
    Marvel: October, 1986-One More Day
    Brand New Day-Disney Acquisition (May, 2009)
    Disney's Marvel: June, 2009- present*
    *Marvel Now: December, 2012-present

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