Sometimes a story just doesn't work for you the first time around. Maybe you were distracted by something and weren't in the mood. Maybe you read it too quickly and missed something crucial that dulled its impact. Maybe you just weren't ready to fully appreciate the story or art until you'd gotten older. Whatever the reasons, many comics end up being much, much better the second time around. In some rare cases, a story can get better and better the more you re-read it.

For me, Morrison's Final Crisis and the late great Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier are shining examples of stories that I really enjoyed the first time around, but didn't fully appreciate just how great they were until I read them again and again.

Johns & Frank's Doomsday Clock is another example. I had grown less and less enthusiastic about the book with each issue. I respected the craft, but the story wasn't really connecting to me because I was expecting it to deliver something it wasn't ever trying to be. When I re-read the entire story so far a little while ago, the whole thing was a revelation. While it's entirely possible the final few issues could fumble the ball, I was blown away by how good it was when read without the months long gaps between issues and my preconceptions of what I thought the story should be were removed from the equation.

What about you? What stories have grown better for you upon re-visiting them?