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    Quote Originally Posted by Vakanai View Post
    Me, I've never had a LCS, it's why I stick with trades rather than single issue floppies, makes more sense when ordering online. I definitely believe that the brick and mortar comic book store will die out long before comic books themselves do. It sucks, but it is what it is.
    I'm rather similar. It's upsetting to hear about businesses shutting down, and I know that can really affect peoples' joy of this hobby, but I think this kind of thing is inevitable, for better or worse. The brick and mortar store, while charming in its ways, is really impractical for comics these days, as is the entire direct market paradigm. This is a pretty interesting time, because I believe we're very close to the next evolutionary shift for comics, which I think will focus more on the internet, with things such as digital comics, webcomics, and crowdfunded comics. I'm not sure where the floppy will play into that, but I'm sure collected trades and original graphic novels will still be printed for people who like physical books. Even back issues for classic comics are usually way easier to find online, because there is a way bigger selection in cyberspace than what a comic shop can compete with.

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    My "L"CS is an hour & 25 mins away, but I still went there religiously every Saturday to pick up my books. Then, when the New 52 launched & DC made everything day & date digital, I admit that I started going to my shop less & I cancelled my pull list. I still stop in there about once a month, and I always purchase something to help support them, but it's just hard to beat the convenience of digital floppies. And after discovering instocktrades, well I just can't pay cover price anymore when I can get it 42-50% off at any given time online. And for the books I want to read but not necessarily own a physical copy of, Comixology's constant $5 tpb sales as well as DC Universe's massive catalogue just can't be beat.

    I hate it. I loved visiting my shop, where everyone knew me by name, but I gotta go where my money takes me. Going to my LCS gives me a similar feeling to going to a Blockbuster back in the day, and buying digital items and not having "the hunt" just isn't the same. But unfortunately, it is what it is. My local shop is doing well though & just opened their 3rd location (all within 6 miles of each other), so I hope they continue to do well.
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    For back issues from the States, I use or newkadia. In Canada, I find dealing with Doug Sulipa from Manitoba great because he has just about everything, and Canadian variants to boot.

    I love my LCS and would hate to lose it.

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