It’s known that Stan Lee originally came up with mutants, so that he wouldn’t have to put so much thought into origin stories. “How do they have powers?” “They just do!”

If Lee, Kirby, and whoever didn’t come up with the concept of mutants, what origin stories would they have had?

For the O5, here’s what I’ve come up with:

Cyclops: His father was space mercenary and his mother was an alien. The plane crash that his family apparently died in was actually a space ship. The injury he got from the crash prevents him from shutting off his eye beams.

Angel: Warren was sick as a boy, so his mother’s prayers caused an angel to take pity on him and make him a pseudo-angel.

Beast: Being raised near a radiation plant caused him to develop unnaturally large limbs.

Marvel Girl: Jean was caught in a strange lightstorm(which will later be identified as the Phoenix Force) which raises her mental acuity to the point where she develops psychic powers.

Really nothing much has been changed. I just thought that it’d be a fun concept.