Justice League: Animal Man, Mera, Swamp Thing, Abigail Arcane, Shazam, Barry Allen. Individually they all have different obligations, rulers, crime fighters, guardians, mediocre Jr. High student, but together they protect the Earth and the fundamental forces that govern it. Every member is Earth born and works for a higher power, a higher authority, so what does it mean when the government tells you not to do something, but facets of life itself demand that you do it anyway? And what does it mean if those higher powers demand you betray one of your own? Is the Justice League truly out to protect the Earth or does each force have their own status quo changing agenda? Billy Batson has no idea, but he better find out before they're forced to confront The Spectre!

Justice League of America- Of course, America needs its own Justice League, just in case. Hal Jordan, Captain Atom, Cyborg, Star Girl, Vixen, and Parasite are out to save the day and look good doing it, but things get messy when they have to investigate a threat from Atlantis! And what of the warning of alien invasion from Booster Gold!?

Superman->Superman Corps: Clark Kent, college drop out, underground folk singer, all around good guy, and secretly the most powerful hero in the world. Despite being surrounded by good friends Lana Lang and Pete Ross and having a modest fan base, Clark never feels truly accepted by the world he chose to protect. In fact, despite all the good he has accomplished Superman is mostly untrusted, but Clark finally gets his opportunity to connect with someone when he begins to discover other aliens that have decided to call Earth their home, including Dru-Zod and his adopted daughter Kara. Year 2, after stopping General Zod's bid to replace the spirits of Earth's inhabitants with the corrupted souls of Kryptonians from his Phantom Zone, Superman is finally accepted by the world at large and has an opportunity to spread his wings. Clark, Mon-el, Supergirl, Superwoman (Lana, enhanced by a Kryptonian phantom), and Martian Manhunter are the Superman Corps, and they have stepped up none too soon. Will they have to step in if the Justice League collapses on itself? What's this about Red Lanterns? Who are the Outsiders and what's their beef with Superman?

Batman and the Outsiders- Batman doesn't trust the Justice League, and he doesn't trust the Superman Corps. These loud inefficient emotionally unstable heroes could prove to be Earth's biggest threat. Batman knows best. Batman, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Big Barda, and Lex Luthor decide to protect the world their own way, from the shadows. Can Lex Luthor be trusted, or is he pushing the team in a colder more dangerous direction under the ruse of logic and objectivity, and if so, can Nightwing set the team straight?

Event: 1947- an Alien ship comes to Earth on a mission of diplomacy. The alien is imprisoned, experimented on, killed, and dissected. Today- Tension have come to a head with the greatest heroes on the planet turning against each other. Things only get worse when people begin to fall prey to uncontrollable impulses of rage and anger. The world is tearing itself apart. Atrocitus has come. There may be one person alone that can prevent the world's collapse, but can Steve Trevor reach her before it's too late?

Then you get your explosion of new books. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League Unlimited, Justice League Light, Nightwing and the Outsiders, Red Lantern, and Atlantis