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    Wally has a couple of villains that he killed who did not come back. The Suit, Cobalt Blue and Replicant. Savitar almost makes that list but he showed up for like a page and a half to die to Barry, then hasn't reappeared since.

    Obviously none of them are hallmark villains but they were all involved in great stories. Though in Cobalt Blue's case that was in spite of the villain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decoy View Post
    Since this post he came back and died 3 more

    Not as bad as some X People......(the redhead, the brooding one, the one with the claws or the scarred one with Deathstroke’s last name who talks all time and to nobody in general)

    also not bad as that Robot who turns into a truck (the red and blue one) carries a Ion Rifle, Possesses the Matrix of Leadership, can take the entire Decepticon Army by himself if he had to......sounds like the narrator for Cartoon Network, Venger from D&D,

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