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    Will John Wesley Shipp appear as Earth 90 Flash or Jay Garrick? He has been criminally underused on that show and I have a feeling that trend will continue.
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    I had a theory that Jessica Parker Kennedy would also be the young female speedster that Jay Garrick is training on Earth-3--which would allow her to appear in present day, not being from the future. But Jay never turned up this season for us to find out who is his protégé, yet maybe that could still pan out. I mean if JPK (hey, she has my initials!), if she wanted to return next season, I would much rather she was a doppelganger from another Earth than another time period. The time travelling thing always strained my belief, because she has to go back to her own time eventually and why's she hanging out in the past for so long, continually interfering with past events.

    I want to see John Wesley Shipp in multiple roles for the Crisis. But maybe that's asking for too much, given that they hardly have him do many scenes when they do get him to appear on the show. Which is frustrating, because he was my inducement to watch CW FLASH in the first place--and every scene he's in has an emotional punch.

    I've learned to restrain my expectations of what's possible on the CW. They have many limitations on what they can pull off with what they have. So I'm bracing myself for disappointment.

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    I recently got through the novel version, and it was pretty much all about Barry, with a lot of Superman in it (2 version of him actually). Supergirl turns up briefly to help out and then die so that Superman can be sad, but I imagine Supergirl and Superman might swap roles for the series (of course she won't die, she has a series). Probably Superman will die so Supergirl can be sad. Batman had a cameo, then gets name-dropped towards the end - otherwise nothing from him. So they'll have to create a role for Batwoman since she will be the Batman stand-in anyway, I assume. Green Arrow didn't even get a mention anywhere in the novel and may as well not have existed - so they must be creating a huge role for him in the CW version (since his series is ending).

    So all in all, the CW version will be very different to the novel version, and I can't speak for the actual comics as I haven't read them.

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