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Marvel/Hickman seems more interested in pushing blonde hair blue eyed whitebread 1percenter eliteist snob Mama Frost than dealing with diversity within the x-universe. After all everyone knows Emma is the perfect metaphor and stand-in for minorities. Don't expect much of anything if you're a Storm or Bishop fan, Berto and Monet? well he says he likes them, we will see if they get to do anything other than be token wallpaper. Diversity is out the window for the foreseeable future, the age of Emma is upon us.
Sunspot and Monet are on his top 5 favorite characters; Sunspot was a really big character on his avengers run.
But these are only 2. Bishop was just back to having atention and on main x-men books.
Marvel has been pushing a lot the white characters, specially Emma and Scott since morrison in detriment of POC characters

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Well with Monet, it depends on her getting to stay black (or brown for some people). Or whether she'll be a white woman next time we see her.
Weapon X Whiteness.jpg
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She doesn't look very black on the cover

maybe it is the light