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    Default Star Wars Novels

    Hey I just got a large amount of Star Wars audio books and epubs from a friend and wondering what is the best of the best when it comes to the novels. Thrawn trilogy is what I see recommended a bunch what are some other top notch star wars books?

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    Keep in mind there's pretty much too seperate continuities. Pretty much everything from 1977-2014 is now considered "Legends", including the Thrawn trilogy, and aren't considered part of the current canon, although certain elements (Such as Thrawn himself) have been reworked into the new canon.

    Generally the strongest novels are often considered:

    The Thrawn trilogy
    The X-wing novels
    The James Luceno "bridge" novels (Cloak of Deception, Labyrynth of Evil, Darth Plageuis, Dark Lord)
    Darth Bane trilogy
    Karen Traviss's Clone Wars novels
    AC Crispin's Han Solo novels

    Around 2014 Disney starts publishing their own fiction in line with the continuity of the new films, spin offs, and Rebels.

    James Luceno's new bridge novels (Tarkin, Catalyst)
    Lost Stars (YA book but very, very good)
    New Thrawn trilogy (Basically, these set up Thrawn's appearence in the "Rebels" series, and otherwise don't have much of a connection to the other trilogy). Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    I love villains novels so Darth Plaguis, Dark lord rise of Darth Vader, The Darth Bane trilogy.

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