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    Could be a way to clear out a bunch of loser villains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Watkins View Post
    Didn't Slott do that in Spider-man's book? The new Wraith was involved.
    Yeah, though I think it was Conway that wrote it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaastra View Post
    We have had three contest of champions book with heroes but what about the bad guys? How about a contest of villains book with the bad guys in a battle tournament event like the second champions book after some big prize if they win? Would anyone like to see this? (you don't have to kill anyone, a ko still counts as a win!) Red skull vs the leader, Trapster vs spot, mysterio vs mesmero, eye scream vs the living turnup! Taskmaster vs whirlwind! There are tons of fights they could do.

    What do you guys think?
    red skull is the jobber of the villains set , lost every fight he had with other villains. lost to dr doom , magneto and kingpin. the captain america storyline 'streets of poison' was great , for not only hero vs hero fights but also villians vs villains and villains vs heroes. For villains, there's crossbones vs bullseye as well as kingpin vs red skull.

    dan slot had intelligencia vs the sinister six in his spider-man title.

    it might be fun to have a villian vs villain fight once in a while but not sure how much a mini series of villains would fare in the sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris0013 View Post
    Could be a way to clear out a bunch of loser villains.
    do you have examples?
    Quote Originally Posted by capandkirby View Post
    I thought I couldn't love Steve Rogers any more than I already do, but here he is, eating pizza with a fork, just like I do (the only correct way to eat pizza

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    It's not a bad idea. Have the contest be between Oblivion (in the form of Death) and the Molecule Man.

    If Death's champion wins, that person gets 3 stays of death -- death-wish powers, so to speak -- granting them 3 turns to instantly kill, or resurrect anyone of their choosing, including themselves. It's not quite the same as having 9 lives, but I can see this being an interesting carrot to dangle. The resurrection power would even work on individuals that have passed on to the after life, whether Heaven or Hell, or any nether realm, or any deathly state. The only limitation is that the being cannot have been reincarnated and currently existing in that new life form.

    If the Molecule Man wins, his champion gets 12 hours of full Molecule Man powers, able to become as powerful and wealthy as they please. The molecule rearranging/ transmutation effects are permanent, even after the power itself fades. I can think of a few villains who would squander this power, which might make for a fun story or two. Molecule Man gets true immortality, unable to perish by any means, so long as Death reigns.

    In the event of a tie, Mephisto determines the winner. Of course, Mephisto being a "What's in it for me?" type of demon, a tie breaker entails him gaining a portion of both Oblivion's and Molecule Man's powers. Safe to say, Mephisto will have his hand on the scale to influence the outcome of the contest. Would we expect anything less from pure evil?
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