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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Mets View Post
    Yeah, that's more of a comparison with the entire Marvel Universe than with Spider-Man's story. Miles Morales and Kamala Khan may have new adventures when Peter Parker's story is over, but fans of Peter won't get new stories.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snoop Dogg View Post
    Spider-Man is not entertainment. It is a faith, a religion, driven by organization, mantras, and ethics fueled by guilt. With interpretations of the text creating factions, branches, and a fluid official dogma.
    It's kinda scary how true that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post

    It's kinda scary how true that is.
    I mean, there are some fans who've spent countless hours working on their Spider-Manifestos, with the absolute certainty in their views that that implies.

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