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    Default Justin Ponsor's Many Contributions to Spider-Man

    Below is a long thread by Nick Lowe detailing his work with the great Justin Ponsor, colorist of a generation, but let's not forget that he also made enormous contributions to both eras of Ultimate Spider-Man and was doing stuff for the Spidey Office as recently as the covers for ASM #16 and #16.HU, before his recent passing. He is, without question, one of the greatest artistic talents Marvel has ever had. And while his quality is undeniable, the sheer quantity of his Spider-Man art is equally incredible.

    Rest in peace.
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    It's sad news. He was a talented young guy.

    It's easy to underappreciate how important colorists are to modern comics, and you could see that in his work. That image has all-time great artists, but it won't pop the same way if it's black and white.

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    Very sad news. Fuckin' cancer. Wen I think of Justin Ponsor, it's his work on the original Renew Your Vows miniseries. RIP.

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