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    Default Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #4 (spoilers/discussion)

    Enormous, all-caps, 72pt Oh Em Gee!

    The Cuckoos orchestrating it all - in multiple cycles before, no less - is the best "the center cannot hold" reveal we've had in this event so far. It's fabulous - bitter, tragic, and leaves me curious about who it was that fell in love in the previous rounds of manipulation. Also, I couldn't help but grin at Kurt and Meggan arguing over child-appropriate viewing while being just a bit wtf?! over the film they were watching.

    Love it. I want McGuire on a post AoXM X-Book sooooo bad right now.
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    This Week's Comics: Powers of X #3, James Bond 007 #10, Valkarie #2

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