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I'd place a bet that Bruce would drop Selina first from slugging her across the face, but mainly due to experience and his mental state at the moment lol
And yes i know she didn't go down the last time he whacked her but i'm sure that pent up rejection rage could work in his favour.
well I would bet otherwise as selina hasn't been affected by the estrangement as much and so is going to get a drop on him and whip him or break his face first if it comes down to it though he may be able to get in a surprise shot or two. kings Batman is so broken currently that anyone fighting competently can take him down and given Selina's showing with the flash it's doubtful he can even touch her lol. anyway he is more likely to whine like a fartboy about why she left him rather than getting violent as evident from the knightmares arc where he does not display even a modicum of anger at her actions even in his nightmares but tries to understand her actions.