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    Default First Order Origins to be explained in Episode 9

    From the front page....

    While we know the basics-that an Imperial fleet led by Hux's father and Grand Admiral Sloane left Jaaku for deep space and built up in secret for decades-from novels and details gleaned from the film itself, it's a bit less clear exactly how things evolved from there, especially with Snoke & Ren taking control. Plus it's never been explained exactly what "First Order" means (Although sometimes the Empire was known as "The New Order").

    I'm thinking that Richard E. Grant's character, Allegiant General Pryde, might actually be from the old Empire as well. He seems old enough. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    Well, that's good news.

    That kind of informations should be indeed on screen (even if simplified) and not just in novels or comics.

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    Awesome, I couldn't think of a better time to explain it.
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    Whether its well-crafted or not remains to be seen but I don't really get the sarcasm. Exploring their origins in the third film would actually be more than the first trilogy ever did in explaining the Empire's beginnings. It wasn't really necessary. I'd argue its just as unnecessary here. Doing so is an option, an option they're apparently taking, but not a necessity. An off-shoot of the Empire that consolidated itself in non-Republic space works well enough.

    Either way I think its obvious at this point that it revolves around Palpatine.
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