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    Default Guinea Pig Ants vs Xenomorphs

    Nods to Arbiter. Same as the thread he posted except instead of humans, it's Xenomorphs.

    Also, standard arena match.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Arbiter View Post
    Every species of ant on earth becomes as large as a Guinea Pig. Speed and strength are scaled to their new mass.

    Assume they can still dig and climb as good as normal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Powerboy View Post
    Looked it up. There are 1.6 million ants in the world for every one human being.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hiromi View Post
    Can I be that guy who points out that scaled up ants would promptly collapse and suffocate under their own weight? Even if you did scale up their speed and strength accordingly? Also they'd explode from their own internal thermodynamics?
    Thanks, guys. And, Hiromi, we are assuming the Plot Gods gently warp reality so that the ants can function "normally" at their size as per the wonderful fictional logic we all love so dearly.

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    Some issues would be the endurance and durability of the Xenomorphs.

    Do xenomorphs get tired? Or can they keep fighting full on for days, weeks at a time? As to one point, they obviously don't have to worry about getting muscle cramps from lactic acid build-up.

    Their exoskeletons are tough enough to hold them together in the vacuum of space. It takes multiple rounds of futuristic automatic rifle fire to injury and kill them. To what degree can the guinea pig ants injure them?

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    I mean the issue is going to be that when/if the Ants manage to injure a Xenomorph, they're just going to get dissolved by acid blood. Not much of a fight, really.
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    Great. This is JUST what we needed. Even MORE bugs! :P
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