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Eh, I don't really look at the remakes objectively; heck I refuse to see the new Dumbo because Timothy Mouse was in it and would be very inclined to skip a Pinocchio remake if Jiminy Cricket wasn't in it (those being my favorite characters from the originals and stuff I was/am really interested to see redone). On the other hand, I really don't get this idea that the remake devalues the original, either by not retelling it the way you like or my its mere existence. What's the point in being mad over it?
Dumbo was basically an original movie with Dumbo in as a plot device. I didnt hate it but it wasnt good either. People get mad when they do shot for shot remakes but I feel like Aladdin which only added a few things was far superior to Dumbo. Now Jungle Book was good also and that was way different. Beauty and the Beast was in the same boat as Aladdin except imo beauty and the beats wasnt good. I never bought in and cared for they're version of beast like I did In the cartoon so the whole movie fell apart for me.

Aladdin for me is the the top of the hill with Jungle book right behind. Pretty sure Lion King will take that spot but who knows. Anyway repackage my childhood and sell it back to me all day. If it makes me happy that's all that matter to me