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    Default What disney live action remake would you want next? If any?

    Quote Originally Posted by Valentis View Post
    The Princess and the Frog. However it should be influenced more by the original fairytale story.
    Quote Originally Posted by BeastieRunner View Post
    I am assuming they mean not set in New Orleans, semi-modern, etc.

    Your classic princess kisses a frog story without the colorfulness of the Disney version..
    Yeah, Disney does their own take, spin, twist, look, setting, story, character details, so they can trademark, copyright, brand and merchandi$e their own version, of what are otherwise genericised public domain properties.
    The more they make it (or anything) like the "original" the less control they have claiming infringement of "their" property when others then do their version of the same "original".
    Unless it's something they created, own (bought so no one else can do it) outright, they almost by necessity have to specifically make it different almost unrecognizable enough from any "original". so that you (and more importantly) a judge can easily delineate the differences.
    This has been their bread & butter from the go, how they built an original empire on mostly public domain characters and properties (some licensed). Asking them to remove or downplay what makes it their own version, to be more like or influenced by the original version, somewhat flies in the face of what Disney is about.

    Unless it was just meant for any live action Not Disney version, which is fine, although this thread? LOL!: )

    Also apparently they are re-purposing the dated Splash Mountain ride with a Princess & the Frog theme.
    So it might coincide with a live action revisit. If anything they'll likley extend elements to drift even further down the bayou, from the original, so it more easily incorporates aspects for the ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    [The Black Cauldron] is supposedly yet another one in the works.-

    So is that pretty much everything! That leaves what ... Treasure Planet, Gargoyles?

    And Three Caballeros, cause we all know they are saving the best for last : P
    And yet another one; Jon M. Chu in Talks to Direct Live-Action 'Lilo & Stitch' Movie -

    Missed the whole thread for it -!&
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