This came out towards the end of Dark Horse's run on the title, and was an adaptation of one of George's older drafts for the original film.

It's....interesting. I haven't read the full script but things come off a bit differently in the adaptation. The Jedi and Sith lore seems kind of confused, the Empire seems considerably smaller than the final films etc...It's a bit weird seeing a lot of the names flipped around too. Luke Skywalker is basically Obi-Wan (although far less of a hermit), Anakin Starkiller is Luke (with a bit of Han), Cleigg has bits of the film's Leia and a bit of Han; Han himself is actually a lot more Chewbacca (and looks like Swamp thing). Vader is actually pretty much the same, although elements of Vader also seem to have come from the Valorum character (Like Valorum, Vader eventually redeems himself). Crispinn Hoedack is clearly what led to Tarkin (Although the name Tarkin is used, it's for a completely different character). Leia seems more or less the same but not as strong.

Of course the concepts of a forest tribe taking on the Empire made it's way to ROTJ, as did the concept of a planetary invasion with TPM)