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    Default Nods: MCU Thanos VS GOW4 Kratos

    Like it says on the tin.

    When the portals begin to open, there's a portal extra that Strange didn't call for. Out of that one portal comes the former God of War, Kratos and his sidekick, Boy(who's instructed to go fight the rest of the army to gain experience, stay away from the heavy hitters, and leave Thanos for his father.)

    And with that, the battle is joined!

    GOW4 Kratos with his NewGame+ fully upgraded gear, VS Endgame final battle Thanos.

    In the middle of the final battle.

    Can Kratos turn the tide in a way that Tony doesn't have to make the sacrifice?

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    Isn't stabbing Kratos kind of pointless? Like the dude is so tanky he can just power through the destruction of his own vital organs?

    Combine that with his various "literally become invincible" abilities and he should weather any storm Thanos can hit him with and eventually put the guy down.

    Heck, Kratos could probably pull Thanos' arms off. He's absurdly strong.
    "So full of hate were our eyes
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    -The Covenant Writ of Union

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    MCU Thanos without the IG doesn't offer anything that Kratos hasn't already dealt with to be honest.

    He'll probably feel it in the morning, but Kratos should win this without too much difficulty.

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    His Chain Blades being the same ones through all his games enough high end feats to make them stronger than his Vibranium breaking sword, and they have a host of extra abilities to go with it to give Kratos the win. Even one on one bare handedhe has instantly healing and rage powers to give him the win. GoW 4 Kratos is for real

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