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    Default Amazing Spider-Man #22: The Hunted Finale

    Okay, so, clearly Nick, like Slott, thinks Kraven was done after KLH and took kind of a very positive corrective approach to reshape KLH into the first of some epic trilogy while this is the last. And I think he succeeded in that, but what I'm also impressed by is that he's left a Kraven with a strong psychological ground to actually be a worthy replacement.

    Also, kudos to acknowledging all of that Squirrel Girl stuff very subtly without breaking the mood. That panel with the squirrel is beautiful.

    Also, speaking of the art, Humberto's Kraven design is the coolest shit in the world and I love it.

    Also, the last few pages in general. Yeesh, what a way for an all-time great like Ramos to go out.
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