Incredible Hulk #177 Jul 1974
"Peril of the Plural Planet!"
...continued from last issue
Having been sent to Counter-Earth by the Inhumans, the Hulk has been captured by the New Men under the rule of the Man-Beast,
who has been secretly operating as the President of the United States. His minions are surprised that upon the Hulk's defeat
the brute reverted to the human form of Bruce Banner, and hurry him to the White House to be put in captivity. As Banner is being rushed in,
the Man-Beast gets a call from his minion Lizardus, who informs his master that someone attacked him and freed Adam Warlock.

Furious, the Man-Beast decides that Warlock must be destroyed and intends on using the Hulk as his pawn to get the job done.

Implanting a device into Banner to make him the Man-Beast's slave, they force him to transform into the Hulk.
However, the Hulk proves to be too powerful and easily breaks free from their control and restraints.
Smashing through the floor, the Hulks finds himself in the sewers under the White House where he
coincidentally runs into his one-time ally the New Man rebel Porcupinus, who leads the Hulk away to safety.

While at the Justice Department, Ben Vincent and June Volper continue their investigation into the past history of President Rex Carpenter,
noting that since he was elected president he had changed drastically and has practically become a recluse,
prompting him to go to the White House and confront the President himself, little dreaming what the horrible secret of their president really is.

While at the secret hide out of the New Men rebels, the Hulk is introduced to Adam Warlock, who welcomes the Hulk to their side with open arms.
Showing the Hulk around, the Hulk finds solace and begins to consider Warlock and his followers his friends.
Having supper with them, the Hulk is suddenly taken under control by the Man-Beast, thanks to the implant in his neck.
The Man-Beast then forces the Hulk to go on a rampage, smashing up Warlock's base.
This keeps Warlock and his followers occupied enough for the Man-Beast and his minions to arrive.
As the Hulk is incapacitated by the evil New Men, Adam Warlock and the Man-Beast clash.
The fight ends with Warlock being defeated, and the Man-Beast informs the would be messiah of Counter-Earth that he intends to publicly execute him.

Taking them all prisoner, the Man-Beast then possesses the body of his prisoner, the real Rex Carpenter,
and using his media influence and hypnosis powers, he bends the will of the American public to agree to the public execution of Warlock.
Banner, forced to watch, is horrified to witness as Warlock is bombarded with energy that ultimately kills Warlock.

Upon his death, Warlock reverts to his cocoon form, much to the pleasure of the Man-Beast who finally believes
the final obstacle in his conquest of not only Counter-Earth, but the original Earth as well, has been finally removed.

Script by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by Jack Abel