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I don’t think Superboy is a good Spider-Man counterpart. Yeah he occupies the young brash but also unsure hero role but so do a lot of other characters. Superboy was pitted against Spider-Man in DC vs Marvel because at the time Spider-Man was a clone and it worked with Kon’s origin. Plus DC didn’t really have a character that was analogous to Spider-Man. Since then they’ve introduced Blue Beetle, Kyle Rayner, etc who have occupied the “Spider-Man role” of the young average joe who gains incredible power.
Yeah, Spider-Boy was an Amalgam of the guy now called Scarlet Spider, and Superboy. I don't think Dick got amalgamated at all, though Tim was. If they did it now, Nightwing would probably merge with Peter. Dark Claw, the amalgamation of Batman and Wolverine, had a sidekick called Sparrow, who was Tim Drake plus Jubilee.