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    Default Cover Contest June 5 to June 11: Social Commentary!

    Whew, there was so much drama towards the end of the last contest. Yet here I am, triumphant!

    This week's covers should all provide some commentary on or critique of society.

    Here we have a commentary on capitalism:

    Tha Rulez:

    1) Post One (& ONLY ONE) Cover that fits the theme of this Week's Contest!
    2) Cover must be from a Published Comic Book or Collected Volume!
    3) Covers must be Posted before Voting Begins!
    4) Voting Begins 12 AM Tuesday and Runs Until 12 AM Wednesday PST (3 AM EST)!
    5) Vote by Posting the name in BOLD of the Poster whose cover best fits the theme or that you simply like the most! A vote need not be in bold, but it does make it easier to Count-The-Votes!6) The Winner of the Contest is the Entry with the MOST Votes after the Voting-Period!
    7) It's Okay to Discuss the Covers but if you Think Someone's Entry Doesn't Fit the Theme or Violates the Rules, you Don't need to Argue it in the thread, Simply Don't Vote for It!
    8) Plus: Occasionally Voting will Result in a Tie! The Person Who Started the Thread will do the Counting that Week will Usually call for a TIE-Breaking --Vote from Someone who has Not Yet Voted!
    9) AFTER the Tie-Breaker Vote, Voting Ends and the Winner is Declared by The One Who Started the Thread (or assigned surrogate) and Thus will do the Counting.
    10) HAVE FUN!

    And remember that you can vote for my entry as well! I'm a contender!
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    Well, it's pride month, and this is one of the comics titles that I grew up with long ago, though this issue is far more recent:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    A bat! That's it! It's an omen.. I'll shall become a bat!

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    Comic fans get the comics their buying habits deserve.

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    Hillary was right!

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    All-Star Comics #40 (April-May 1948)
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