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    can I use this version instead?

    He did a rewrite of Justice League with an Injustice League that I would have done.

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    I’m someone who loves Man of Steel...

    But I would say the first big thing is that the next film to show him should adjust differently than BvS did. The goal in both cases is to adjust the character some way. However, BvS went after deconstruction and outsider tropes even harder, which I feel was ultimatelya mistake. Instead the next film in my version doubles down on a Post-Crisis version of Clark, with the more positive attributes of that era, but still dead set on ignoring the more idiotic part of the Silver Age Clark Kent idea. So, in the other films I’m going to talk about, Clark Kent is the real personality, and his civilian ID gets a lot of work in showing himself as a. Normal guy to the audience... and the Pa Kent stuff gets downplayed to the point of near non-existence.

    I’m also probably going to modify or just accept certain films without issue, since I think they either have potential. Or were just great.

    Post-Man Of Steel films:

    World’s Finest - This is not a “vs” movie, though there is still some antagonism, and the overall idea of having Batman enter the story to start expanding the DCEU is a good one. General idea of the story- Brainiac is trying to assimilate the world and capture Superman/collect his corpse using Lex Luther as his primary tool and Deathstroke as their security specialist, which is uncovered by Lois Lane as Clark investigates the Batman as a reporter, triggering an investigation by Batman in return. Keep the older Batman, and *some* of his increased darkness and violence, but two things are changed: no guns on the Batmobile, and Clark, while investigating Batman, realizes he’s lost three “kids” in Jason (dead...for now) and Babs (paralyzed, though maybe not permanently), and Dick (*major* falling out over Bruce’s rampage after Jason and Babs being hurt), this explaoning his darkness. Batman and Superman end up allying reluctantly, but succeed in taking out Brainiac’s plan and arresting Deathstroke... as Lex actually usurps and captures Brainiac for his own end. Clark manages to convince Bruce he should call Dick, if for no other reason then Superman may need a Bat-character later and Bruce is close to running himself ragged.

    Suicide Squad - This actually strikes me as a great way to expand the lore in a non-MCU way, and I think a better script was the biggest thing the final movie needed. General idea of the story - Waller unleashes the Squad on Intergang (so possible Apokilips connections begin here, not in the previous film), who they spend most of the film dismantling and building relationship with each other in opposition to, with Enchantress only going crazy in the last quarter of the film, and her defeat being quicker and based on the emotional bonds of the group. Suicide Squad wanted to be a Guadians of the Galaxy kind of film, but it needed the heart that GOTG managed to build. Intergang as scrubs they take out pretty easily allows different dynamics to be made: Diablo and Croc become friends thanks to Diablo’s atoning nature and empathy towards another “monster,” Deadshot starts to respect a more mellow and equally death-wishxbearing Flagg (he knows he might have to kill his girlfriend eventually and has lost all his previous teammates to Enchatress), and Katana (who’s Batman’s agent he blackmailed Waller into including) ends up going blow for blow with Harley Quinn in the mind games category, leading to Harley being forced to face the Joker’s real nature. The Squad spends more time talking to build a rapport, with a lot of stories shared about Batman, one rumored encounter with Wonder Woman, and no one believing Boomerang’s Flash story... and also no one liking Boomerang. The film ends with a more melancholy feel to it - Croc’s just pissed that Diablo died, and while everyone proved themselves better than genocidal Enchantress, no one’s pretending their heroes... but they’re a team now, so don’t **** with them in each other’s presence.

    Wonder Woman: Don’t change a Damn thing about the film, except that she’s uncovered by Lois Lane discovering her and asking her to get back in the business in case something happens.

    Green Lantern: New recruit Hal Jordan and his senior partner, Sinestro, end up investigating a case in space involving the Starro species... but Hal realizes that Sinestro is actually using the creatures himself to control his home planet, and ends up calling for veteran but retired John Stewart to get his ring and help him take down his mentor. A spiteful Sinestro uses the yellow ring when they get his GL ring drained, then releases Starro, who makes a b-line towards Earth. Hal, under porbation for circumventing the Guardians, has to stay behind to defend Korugar, but Stewart speeds towards Earth...

    Justice League - Starro and Intergang are the main threats here initially, but Desaad and Kaliban are called in by Intergang to capture Starro, establishing the Apokilips connection with someone more memorable than Steppanwolf. The League first forms when Stewart contacts Superman, with he and Batman quickly gathering a handful of other individuals they know about (possibly with a slight friendly competition over who found more); also, Cyborg isn’t part of the team, but he will show up later in the film when Desaad begins experimenting on humans. It’s the released film’s line-up plus Stewart as Lantern, and half the fun is everyone revealing how crazy the world and galaxy are getting to each other. Starro manages to control Superman at one point, but he resists it just enough so that the heroes can restrain it, and when Dessad and Kaliban enter the fray, Kaliban gets defeated, but Desaad actually successfully captures a Starro... and Batman.

    Nightwing - Dick works around the clock to figure out a way to rescue Batman. While the League helps, his own investigation with Cyborg eventually gets him into a fight with Intergang over a captured Raven that lets him infiltrate Apokilips... where he finds and frees Starfire. Yup, this is a Titans origin story. They free Batman, but Raven ends up revealing who Darksied is to them because her father Trigon and he are rivals.

    Aquaman - like with Wonder Woman, not a damn thing is changed.

    Carry on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJBopp View Post
    If we have to start with Man of Steel, then it's a non-starter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope89 View Post
    We HAVE to use Man of Steel?

    Never liked that depiction of Supes.
    MoS was hardly perfect and extremely divisive, but was still overall successful enough to warrant still using it if we must. It would also have been far easier to course correct at that point than it was post-BvS and JL. There are enough things in that movie that could have been built off of in a more interesting way. We would need another Superman solo before he interacts with ANYONE else to become fully formed. it would be overall more optimistic and Snyder wouldn't direct it. With the edges smoothed out, they could build it up from there.

    If I were to scrap the whole thing, and start at a Superman solo of my own:

    Superman 1: Basically the New 52 Superman, initially wearing the t-shirt and jeans, but set in 1938. He's at his Golden Age power levels and they gradually increase throughout the film, and it would be interesting to see a live action film approach Clark in his original, rougher social justice crusader persona in its original context. The main supporting cast would be his Smallville cast and George Taylor at the Daily Star. Zod and the Phantom Zoners would be the villains, which is how Clark learns his full origins. He dons the iconic suit for the last act. Zod can die but probably best to not have it be at Clark's hands or he goes back into the Zone with the rest of his crew. The Legion could be touched upon as well, just not in too much detail because it would be too much for one movie.

    Batman 1: Introduces us to the new cinematic Batman, who has been active for a few years, started collecting his iconic rogues gallery and has recently taken in Dick as Robin. He's in his very early 30s at this point. I would make it an adaptation of Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, with the addition of the Earth One idea of making Bruce related to the Arkhams on his mother's side. Batman is trapped in there with the villains he's gathered so far on April Fool's Day, and like in Morrison's original script, we learn the history of Arkham through Robin's eyes as he researches the history. Much like in the story, Bruce goes through a rough time but ends up on the other side of it a little more at peace with himself, thanks to (strangely enough) the Joker. A combination of this and needing to reign himself in to be a model for Dick results in a more wise and zen Batman going forward in the DCEU. This story would be able to introduce the new takes on all the major players (Batman, Robin, Gordon, the Joker and a few of the other rogues) in a setting which is natural for them all to gather and doesn't need to rehash the origins in too great detail for any of them.

    Superman 2: Set in the modern day, leaving the door open for sequels/prequels that can explore what Superman has been up to in between the first film and the current one (maybe a cosmic odyssey?). He hasn't aged once he gets to his mid-30s. The current supporting cast is Lois, Jimmy, Perry and the Daily Planet staff. Come up with some appropriately kooky reason for Clark being able to disguise himself again as a reporter. Lex is introduced, with Bizarro as his Dragon, and Brainiac being hinted at in a post-credit scene.

    World's Finest: The meeting of the Superman and Batman casts so far, with a special surprise guest star. It is a straight up team up movie, with the two being a little hostile towards each other at first but gradually becoming friends because they realize they have more in common than they do different (Dick being involved helps get the two to see eye to eye, because he would idolize both of them). The film would revolve around a Lex and Brainiac plot, though of course Brainiac proves to be more dangerous and have his own agenda and the two would double cross each other. A Brainiac-enhanced Bizarro returns as their muscle, and we get a full blown weird "Brainiac shrinks the city and puts it in a bottle" plot.

    Like in BvS, Diana Prince would be involved, hanging out around the edges of the film in a mysterious capacity. She and Superman would be implied to have met before. At this point, the DCEU would have had three stand alone films to introduce casts so they can afford to start making Marvel-style cameos and set ups for other characters, plus this film wouldn't be trying to cram a deconstruction of TDKR, set up the JL and adapt Death of Superman as well. Lex would have his "metahuman theory" in place and would be researching the rumors of Wonder Woman, while Diana tries to investigate him in turn. She shows up at the end during Brainiac's invasion and battles Bizarro solo, defeating him while Superman thwarts Brainiac and Batman & Robin deal with the more grounded Lex and his thugs. The group become Fire Forged Friends.

    Wonder Woman 1: the next film would immediately detail Diana's origins. I'd place it during World War II (comparisons with Captain America be damned) and give the Amazons their technology, so she would use the Invisible Plane. Put more emphasis on Athena and Aphrodite than Zeus. This didn't bother me too much in the movie we have, but if the opportunity arises, I'd change it. The stuff that worked really well in the movie as is (the dynamic between Diana and Steve and Steve's death, Antiope training her and her scenes with her mother, Steve's war buddies, her naively thinking Ares is behind everything and it will be solved with his defeat and learning the difficult truth, etc) would be kept. With some Etta and the Holliday Girls thrown in. Paula von Gunther and Dr. Poison would be the human villains. Maybe a post-credit scene where she meets Superman for the first time.

    Next up: Solo movies for the Flash, Green Lantern (Hal) and Aquaman to build up to JL. Since the actual Aquaman movie took place after JL it would obviously have to be tweaked, but hopefully not too much. Keep Momoa as Aquaman obviously, and emphasize Hal's Jewish heritage in his movie. Also do the Shazam film as it is.

    Batman 2: Another stand alone Batman film, maybe with a villain we haven't seen adapted to screen yet. Introduce a new Catwoman as a side player, and sow the seeds for Barbara Gordon (introduced here as Dick's girlfriend) becoming Batgirl in the next film.

    Superman 3: This film would essentially be a back door pilot to spin off films for Supergirl and the Legion. A time travel plot by a group of villains (the Legion of Supervillains or the Fatal Five + the Time Trapper, or whatever works) to go back in time and kill off one of Superman's key allies when she is vulnerable: Kara Zor-El, still in stasis as the last survivor in the desolated Argo City. They of course inadvertently lead Superman and the Legion (the former not even being aware of Argo City before now) right to her, and she awakens to join them and thwart the plot and returns with Clark to Earth. I would also open the film with a scene set in Smallville when Clark was a teenager to elaborate on his first meetings with the Legion, something only hinted at in the first film. Also, do open casting for the Legion characters to get some more diversity.

    Wonder Woman 2/1984: I want to leave this one as is for now, the basics details we have sound great. If it goes like I'm hoping, Cheetah would be set up as a recurring threat into the present day.

    Justice League: the first team up film for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and introducing Martian Manhunter. Cameos for future members like the Atom, Green Arrow, the Hawks, Vixen, Zatanna, and others would be in place. I'd suggest the White Martians for the first film because of their obvious link to J'onn, but after Zod and Brainiac alien invasion plots might be a bit much at this point.

    Green Lantern 2: Introduce John Stewart and the long awaited "Buddy Cop Movie in Space" with him and Hal.

    The Flash 2 and Aquaman 2: start introducing the sidekicks, in this case Kid Flash and Aqualad (maybe race bend Garth to being Asian?)

    And so forth. If the brand reaches Marvel level popularity after all these, or close to it, start experimenting with smaller properties to get more obscure characters out in the open. And obviously, after Donna Troy is introduced in modern day Wonder Woman 3, get the Teen Titans rolling.

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    I'm including my old write up to see how I can tweak it for the new parameters.

    1. We start with a character that is popular enough, but would act as a focal point before the big guns show up. My choice would be wonder woman. she's got leadership abilities and her being awoken to the threat and drafting b and c people for her league (which even sounds like something from when she got here first). Her tale takes place like 300 for the first part and her in the modern day with flashbacks in the 2nd. She realise she needs to assemble a team to "save mankind from itself." I would use intergang as thugs to lay down the backdrop and the furies as her enemies.
    2. Next movie is green lantern, either hal or john, which after an epic fight with the red lantern corps, starts the warning that apokalpyse is coming). She meets wonder woman. Kilowog (who plays a prominent part), has to leave to let the corps know and to see if they can get additional aide in the upcoming conflict.
    3. Then I would do a metahuman experiment (flash) that starts the metavillains. My choice would be the rogues, led by captain cold, but it's the trickster and mirror master that do the most of the epic fight. As a stinger we have a farm boy show up for his first day at work at the daily planet.
    4. the first movie for superman, it isn't bat vs s, it's wonder woman recruiting a talented young man who has the power of a god. They develop a big sister, little brother relationship that is setup. The first opponent is cademis (whose name ties into wonder woman and stuff that was started in the first movie), being helped out by lex luthor to build weapons to both profit from and stop the upcoming alien invasion. They get helped out by a friendly detective because "he doesn't want what happened on his own planet to happen to earth," (Martian Manhunter).
    5. Next story is the Borne identity with Jon Jonz, he is the boogie man to cademus and during his fights frees two alien captives: a thanagarian named sharia hall and a augmented human named cyborg.
    6. Wonder woman ii would happen. This would introduce aquaman and be a diplomatic story, with a healthy dose of Manchurian candidate. It almost leads to a fight between Themyscira and Atlantis, but this is when bruce wayne (not batman) shows up to help out .
    7. now we do Justice League: the invasion. stefenwulf leads the wave and it requires a shaky alliance between metas, aliens and rival kingdoms to unite. This is wonder womans defining moment. The winston churchhill as it were. Superman is the spear of heroism that stops stufenwolf, and batman, comes out of the shadows, with a plan that is so magnificent and prep that it saves the day.

    That's phase 1. We now have a structure where we can tell side stories and laid down the groundwork for when darkseid shows up (which should be epic), gives wiggle room for other characters to be introduced.

    Phase 2 would be the martian invasion.

    Phase 3 would be Darkseid.

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    Honestly my take ...

    - Man of Steel (2013) :
    Nothing changes in this movie. The complaints are getting silly as time passes. The only tweaks I would make is possibly to Jonathon Kent and we get more understanding on how he was scared for his son. As he'd tell his wife that a day will come where Clark won't be their son anymore. That he'll go out and do what he's meant for. The only tweak I'd do is there as Zod's death has to happen . I would add a post credits scene of a Bat symbol to symbolize what is next.

    - Batman : Shadow of the Bat (2015) :
    I would do a solo film introducing Affleck's Batman . In this we see him face off against the Red Hood who is using Clayface. The Hood wants to take down the Batman and plunge Gotham into hell. As we learn Bruce has went into semi-retirement as his rogues have seemingly are locked away and he's not been the same since a failed relationship (its hinted its Talia). Along the way Bruce meets a woman half his age (Selina Kyle) who sparks his interest that has a secret as well as solving this Red Hood mystery that shakes Bruce a lot. "You failed me Bruce , you fail everyone !" . The post credits scene reveals the attack on Wayne Enterprises in Metropolis in Man of Steel. As Jason's words echo in his head.

    Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016) : I would have done better with the Superman parts of this film and how Clark & Lois have became a couple who fly home. We also get a nice grave scene where Clark tells his dad he found someone. I would have dropped the death of Superman aspect after the fight. They put down the creature at the end as we see both men slowly extend hands. The movie ends with Diana & Lois seeing both men do this.

    Post credits scene we can see Bruce question General Sam Lane about the alien ship and we learn a bigger threat is coming. His name is Steppenwolf and Batman is gonna need more than just Superman to stop this invasion of Earth coming. Lane tells him , you need to find Amanda Waller she has what you need.

    - Suicide Squad (2016) :
    Suicide Squad itself was a decent film. No real tweaks needed and even post credits scene we see Bruce get what he needed from it.

    Flash : Fastest Man Alive ! (2017)
    : Flash has a young Barry Allen who in the origin is often mocked for being "late" as usual. In fact Allen is warned he's gonna fail a college class as a CSI due to this. At the college lab working with chemicals , we see one of the shelves shake as thunder rolls. Suddenly in perfect timing he's struck by chemicals and lightning. As the Flash ; Barry now is no longer late and has a huge appetite comically. He also ends up battling 2 of the big rogues in Keystone who are at war over territory. Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Along the way Barry has feelings for a reporter who wants his story (Iris West) who swears she will discover who the Flash is !

    Post credits scene we see an image of a yellow blur that has an evil laugh with a newspaper headline ...Death of Iris West-. The paper has a date of 2025. The other credit scene has Barry arrive home fresh from an adventure as Bruce is sitting there in his chair.

    Wonder Woman (2017) - Nothing in this film changes at all. Post credits scene Steppenwolf is shown. Pledging to do Darkseid's bidding to take Earth.

    Man of Steel 2 (2018) :
    In this long awaited sequel Clark and Lois are preparing for their wedding. We even get a scene which is a repeat of the classic Reeves Superman where Clark saves coal miners to start. He then creates a diamond for Lois through heat vision and his strength. The big bad guy in this one is Brainiac who wants to take cities of Earth for his collection. Superman learns he has a Krypton city named Kandor. At the end Brainiac is defeated as his ship is destroyed and he's placed in Kandor to serve a sentence. Kandor is placed at Fortress of Solitude as Clark swears he will find a way to restore the city one day.

    The film ends with the wedding of Lois & Clark at Smallville farm. The Daily Planet staff have no clue Bruce , Diana and Wally are all superheroes. We see a scene of Selina Kyle comically stealing someone's wallet as Bruce walks over n playfully takes it from her. Its hinted that the 2 are together now. This is the post credits scene as suddenly Bruce gets alerted by Alfred ...the threat he was warned about has came to Earth. Steppenwolf is there.

    Justice League (2018) :
    This one I completely redo except for recruiting Aquaman . That scene stays in. The heroes depart to stop Steppenwolf from helping to bring Darkseid to Earth. I do have Kalibak be involved as he matches Superman strength for strength. The battle sees them destroy some of Metropolis. The end sees them manage to take down Kalibak and finally Steppenwolf. The villain hints that his master is coming. They just delayed his arrival but when Darkseid arrives he will rule this world ! That he knows Batman has seen the future...DARKSEID is coming ! Kalibak suddenly disappears due to a mother box he uses. Then out of nowhere red beams destroy Steppenwolf.

    Post credits scene we see Luther and his group all plotting on ship. The prison was destroyed and Deathstroke helped break him out. Deathstroke proclaims he wants a shot at The Bat !

    - Aquaman (2018) : Nothing changes in this one either. Post credits scene we see Luthor's group save Black Manta as he tells him , "How would you like a chance at facing Aquaman again ?" Black Manta does an evil smile.

    - Batman : Shadow of the Bat 2 (2019) -
    The sequel is set around Christmas as Black Mask is tired of the Bat. He puts a bounty on Batman's head as a group of assassin's come to Gotham to take him down. Selina doesn't want Bruce doing anything but he tells her Gotham can't fall to this and goes off. Flamingo , Film Freak and Dr. Pyg appear as the assassins Bruce runs through. But the big baddie is DEATHSTROKE. Who tells Bruce his Boss wanted him to wait but he just had to test himself against him. In the end Bruce defeats him but Deathstroke manages to escape. Bruce visits Black Mask at Blackgate prison and coldly tells him he's being sent to Arkham , which is a terrible fate for Roman who will lose his credibility to criminal underworld of Gotham being placed in Arkham Asylum.

    Post credits scene Deathstroke in anger tears his safe house apart over losing to Batman. Luthor is seen with Brainiac , Red Hood , Captain Cold & Heat Wave and tells Deathstroke he will get his chance against Batman again. Its coming....

    - Shazam (2019) :
    This film never changes either. I keep the same post credits scene there. (this film will release before Batman's sequel).

    - Justice League : Legion of Doom (2020) :
    Luthor's master plan is revealed as the attacks begin on heroes. The League faces their threats again. In a shocking move Jason Todd could sit and watch his former mentor be killed but suddenly turns and helps Bruce defeat Deathstroke for good. The league rallies and defeats the Legion of Doom. We even as fans get a glimpse of the movie version of the Legion of Doom's HQ in the swamp area.

    Post credits scene the Green Lantern Corps is seen as they arrive at one world decimated . It appears that Darkseid is getting close to sector 2814 and looking for something.
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    Man of Steel (2013)
    The Flash (2013)
    Wonder Woman (2015)
    Aquaman (2015)
    The Batman (2016)
    Man of Steel 2 (2016)
    Justice League (2017)
    The Flash 2 (2017)
    Shazam (2018)
    Wonder Woman 2 (2018)

    Exclude Zack Snyder and this probably would have worked for WB.

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    If we start with MoS then I would only tweak a few things. The main thing would be that once BvS came along, I'd make the build-up a lot more fast-paced so that by the time they fight and make up, they have the 2nd half of the movie to interact as begrudged allies. I'd save Death of Superman for later and have Lex recruit Deathstroke instead. Not sure if that still leaves it overstuffed and if it justifies Wonder Woman making an appearance.

    After BvS, Wonder Woman was fine. Flash and Aquaman should have come out right after.

    Batman would get a solo based on the Red Hood story heavily featuring Dick, Barbara, and Tim.

    Have to think a bit as to what the first JL movie would entail, but J'onn and the GL's would be a big part of it.

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    Okay, here goes-

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Pretty much the movie we got.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    Close enough to the movie we got, but with some key changes. Instead of Doomsday, Luthor funds the creation of Metallo as his ultimate anti-Superman weapon, and ultimately also develops a Kryptonite-powered armor. Wonder Woman doesn't show up in the film. Superman doesn't die, and the film ends with him and Batman becoming friends and allies, and preparing for the war ahead. Also, its made a lot more explicit that Luthor has made contact with another alien race, and that the earth is in danger.

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    An gritty R-rated film and a lot closer to what the original vision for this film was. Instead of the Enchantress storyline, I'd make it more of a loose adaptation of the Assault on Arkham animated movie, and tie the Joker into the plot more naturally. Batman and Bruce Wayne make a few small cameos, but otherwise this film has nothing to do with the ongoing DCEU narrative.

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    Pretty much the movie we got. Maybe there's a mid-credits scene of Diana in the present-day learning about the impending threat to earth and getting ready to go back into action.

    Justice League (2017)

    The Apokalips invasion of earth begins. Darkseid is clearly the Big Bad here - Steppenwolf is just one of his generals. Superman and Batman lead the effort and are joined quickly enough by Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash. Cyborg's origin takes place during this film. At one point, Superman is taken control of by Darkseid and brainwashed, forcing the rest of the League to fight him - this is where the potential 'Knightmare' scenario comes in. Once again, Lois is used to get him back. After the defeat of Darkseid's forces, the Justice League is officially formed, with a headquarters at the Hall of Justice.

    Aquaman (2018)

    Pretty much the movie we got.

    Shazam! (2018)

    Pretty much the movie we got.

    The Batman (2019)

    Starring Ben Affleck's Batman. This would be an adaptation of Under the Red Hood, with some elements of Hush thrown in. More of a noir-ish crime drama and mystery film. Nightwing would be a character in the film.

    Beyond 2019...I'd keep the Joker movie on-track as an Elseworld. Birds of Prey would probably happen at some point. And there would be a second Justice League movie which would be an adaptation of the Tower of Babel storyline. A Flashpoint movie, Wonder Woman 1984 and Green Lantern Corps would all be on the cards as well - in addition to a proper adaptation of The Death and Return of Superman.

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    re: Man of Steel
    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERECWFAN1
    Nothing changes in this movie. The complaints are getting silly as time passes.
    Yeah, I really agree with this. The complainers started out as being annoying 6 years ago, and now they're just tiresome. I LOVED Man of Steel. Are there tweaks I would make? Perhaps, but that could be true of pretty much any movie I've seen made during my lifetime.

    However, with Batman v Superman, I think they did too much, too soon by introducing so many new characters. I liked the movie and not just for the Wonder Woman parts, but there are many things I would change about it.

    First, I would ignore all the crybabies who whined about Man of Steel's "destruction porn" because I think that's why the Doomsday-finale of BvS took place on the deserted Stryker's Island instead of in the streets of Metropolis with Superman sacrificing his life in front of everyone the way it was in the comics.

    However, if we're going to do Doomsday, then save that for a later movie. Introducing Lex, Diana, and cameos of the JL was already enough. Also, I would change the tone of the movie to be less in the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns vein. I think that's where things went wrong for a lot of the audience who were mostly not familiar with that story. Doing DKR as a movie has to be the culmination of a long setup. That can't be your second movie in the series.

    I would have lightened BvS a bit (just a bit, not to Marvel movie levels) and made it more exhilarating. Man of Steel was legitimately thrilling to me in many places, and BvS had its moments, but it needed more of them. I would have preferred the action scenes to have taken place in the daytime like MoS, but I understand that including Batman changes things.

    Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam are just fine as-is.

    Suicide Squad maybe needed to go back to its original edit.

    Justice League needed to be all Zack Snyder.

    Anyway, as for the OP question about what I would do if I had all the power?

    Keep the solo movies intact: Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam are all great movies.

    Dump the team up movies: Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League.

    From the 4 solo movies, build up from there with a couple of more solos (say, Flash, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow/Black Canary) followed by a Justice League, and you'll be just fine with a DC Cinematic Universe.

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    Keep Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and jettison all else. Restart Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern from scratch. Not with origin stories, except in brief flashbacks.

    Nothing planet cracking. Take a page from the MCU in starting with stuff that's smaller scale, and closer to the source material. Superman and somebody like Morgan Edge. Batman and Hugo Strange. Flash and Mirror Master. Green Lantern and (pre-mutation) Hector Hammond. Lurking in the background, recruiting muscle is Kanjar Ro, the villain of the JL movie.

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    1) Man of Steel -- Keep it the same.

    2) Batman & Superman: World's Finest -- start out fighting with each other due to Lex manipulating them. They figure out who each other are akin to the Timmverse. Eventually they team-up to take down Lex, Metallo, & Deathstroke. Movie ends with Lex locked away but poisoned from using the Kryptonite suit too much.

    3) Wonder Woman -- Keep it the same but end with her reading about Batman and Superman. Stinger shows Ares is Vandal Savage in disguise and the real Ares is shown subdued by Savage using a "magic" item he just learned to use. Actor David Thewlis will be Savage going forward.

    4) Batman & Green Lantern: The Brave & the Bold -- Jon is in Gotham tracking down the fugitive alien, Cyrus Gold. Jon is without his power ring due to a giant creature catching him off guard and breaking the ring up arrival in Gotham. Meanwhile, Batman is trying to find and stop the giant creature wrecking havoc in Gotham. They cross paths, narrowly escaping the monster. Batman is impressed that Jon doesn't hide his identity like the other supers he's met and that Jon was capable without the ring. Batman uses his detective skills to help Jon find that Gold was dumped in the infamous Slaughter Swamp and they put 2 & 2 together to figure out he's now the monster rampaging around Gotham. They end up teaming up to take down Solomon Grundy. Batman takes Jon to the Fortress of Solitude to contact Oa to get a new ring at the end of the movie. Stinger shows Savage is not happy his handiwork with Grundy was undone and he's shown making a deal with Deathstroke & Metallo.

    5) Aquaman -- Keep it the same but drop out JL and other references if needed. An escaped Lex finds Manta and promises to help him instead of Shin.

    6) Justice League: Trinity -- Lex is out and trying to end Superman forever but ends up crossing paths with Wonder Woman. This piques Savage's interest and he makes a deal with Lex to take them both down. Savage's "magic" device is shown able to subdue Wonder Woman and Lex wants it. As they go to Gotham to unleash the weapon (Grundy) that Savage left there, Lex betrays Savage and steals the device. It melds with his suit and starts making bio-mechanic tripods that Lex is able to control. Wonder Woman is a bit overwhelmed but Batman shows up to help. Superman gets a call from Batman and they all 3 end up taking down the tripods and Lex. Wonder Woman successfully removes the "magic" device from Lex but Superman picks it up and it goes crazy. Batman puts it in a vault and the 3 begin to recruit more heroes to their cause in case this happens again. Lex is shown in prison, cancer-free, where he keeps hearing Brainiac's voice.

    7) Shazam! -- Keep it the same.

    8) Superman and Flash -- Superman and Flash open this movie with a charity event to see who is the "Fastest Man Alive" but the Rogues (Shade, Heat Wave, Magenta, Trickster, and Captain Boomerang) led by Captain Cold crash the party. Superman and Flash team-up to save the day. Superman starts showing some different powers during the fights. Shade and Magenta end up betraying and leaving the Rouges to Superman and Flash in order to escape. Movie ends with Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl telling Flash he can join the JL if he beats Superman in the race. Stinger shows Savage breaking into the Vault to get his device back.

    9) Wonder Woman 1984 -- I dunno, probably keep it the same but make sure Cheetah survives. I need her later. Movie ends with her being in jail in present time. She's being walked back in by Superman and Wonder Woman. Her cellmate is Lex and he tells her that he knows somebody that can get her out.

    10) Justice League vs. the Legion of Doom -- Movie opens with Manta breaking Cheetah out of prison and then they both break Lex out of prison. Once they are clear, Deathstroke & Metallo stop them both in a draw. Lex is in the process of making a deal with Deathstroke & Metallo when Savage walks up to Lex and snaps his neck, wearing the "magic" device he stole back. Manta and Cheetah end up joining with Savage as he has a plan to take down the Justice League with his "magic device" he's been shown using. It starts to morph and bio-mechanize his body. Vandal Savage then leads Metallo, Deathstroke, Black Manta, & Cheetah on a mission to breakout Grundy. Batman alerts the League and Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Hawkgirl all convene to stop them. The JL have them pretty much defeated when Shade and Magenta show up to finish breaking Grundy out and the Legion escape. Superman is a bit of risk because he develops some more new powers and has a hard time controlling them. Eventually, the good guys win but Savage escapes when everyone thinks Wonder Woman killed him. Movie ends with Savage getting away only to run into an alive Lex. Savage breaks his neck again but Lex stands up, fixes is neck, and tells Savage he knows the key to his long life was the box. But the box chose a new host. Lex absorbs the box and turns Savage to dust all while laughing like Brainiac.

    11) The Batman -- Something grounded with some good Batman rogues like Penguin as a crime boss and maybe a few other goons show up.

    12) All-Star Superman -- roughly adapt the comic and parts of the Timmverse Braniac saga, sans the JL parts. Lex goes full Brainiac and is dead during the final transformation. Superman returns from a rescue mission near the sun with even more new powers. Brainiac moves to attack the sun. Some montage is shown with other heroes on TV trying to stop the full on conversion. Movie ends with Superman stopping Brainiac but has to go rebuild and constantly manage an injured sun.

    The next phase would revolve around people like Nightwing, Shazam, Batgirl, & Cyborg stepping up. Mister Mind would be a good villain to use and I would want a full on Green Lantern Corps movie in space with Guy, Hal, Jon, & Kyle taking on a newly created Sinestro Corps.
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    Keeping MOS is a non-starter. Yes, Superman should be first but not that one. First movie is a Superman reboot. Main villain is Brainiac. Second movie is WW. Third movie is Superman 2 where Batman is introduced. Then Green Lantern. Establish all the JL characters first. THEN you can do a Batman movie. Enough time would have passed from the Nolan movies by then that people would be ready for one by that point. Maybe some side characters like Swamp Thing get movies in between the big ones. Lower budget franchises but still in canon. Wonder Woman 2. Flash. Then we do the JL movie with all the established characters. Martian Manhunter is introduced there. Zatanna. Batman 2. Maybe a Plastic Man movie.
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    Starting with Man of Steel. The events of that movie would have major effects throughout the world. Aliens are real and living among us. A major US city was decimated. People are scared.

    The Batman - Bruce has been active for a while now but is still very much in the urban legend period where most of the city don't believe he is real. A few around Gotham know he is real like Gordon, Bullock, and Montoya along with some other cops. He would be very worried about what went on in Metropolis and starts to take a more public role when he takes on the Riddler who expose him to the world.

    Wonder Woman - Pretty much the same with just a few tweaks.

    Green Lantern Corps - With the Kryptonian incident on Earth the Guardians decide it is time to tap another Earth GL. They choose one years ago who has been watching over the sector but has not made his presence know on Earth (her you can flip it either way with a older vet John and a rookie Hal or an older vet Hal and a rookie John). Earth has attracted the attention of the Manhunters and the new duo has to beat them back. In the end of the movie it is shown that Sinestro is the one who pointed the Manhunters at the Earth.

    Suicide Squad - With the growing threat of metahumans Amanda Waller get the ok to finally put together her own black op team of controlled villains. There is intel about a russian warlord using alien tech to create monsterous creatures he is selling on the black market. The team is sent in to clean up the mess and eliminate everyone involved. The team would be Deadshot, Bommerang, Bronze Tiger, Nightshade, Plastique, Count Vertigo, and Mindboggler. The team pulls it off but loses Vertigo and Mindboggler and Plastique is able to short out her chip and escape in the chaos.

    Flash - Barry Allen is working case involving a friend of his nephew Wally named Vic Stone who has disappeared in a tragic accident. His trail leads him to Star Labs where he find Vic being worked on by his father Silas. Barry not realizing that Silas is trying to save his sons life tries to intervene only to cause an electrical blast that sends him flying through a bunch of unstable chemicals and puts Barry in the hospital for weeks with no sign of Victor or his father being found at the scene by the first responders just a heavy door ripped off its hinges. Soon after leaving the hospital Barry start noticing his speed. He starts using his new powers in his csi work including the case of what caused the blast that nearly killed Victor Stone. He ends up uncovering a plot by the Thinker who is using the monsterous Girder as his muscle to force Silas Stone to turn over the alien tech they have collected at Star Labs. Barry take them both down but at the end of the movie you see Girder being talked to by someone named Snart in Iron Heights.

    Cyborg - This picks up a few months after the Flash movie. Vic is now getting used to his new body (much less walking tank and more in line with his original NTT look just without the short pants). He has flashbacks to his childhood and the attack that left him more machine than man. His father is taken by the creature Amazo (an early less powerful module) under the orders of Professor Anthony Ivo. Vic has to leave his self imposed hiding and track the creature down and rescue his father in the process revealing himself to the world.

    Justice League - In a lonely mountain top cabin a strange man suddenly is gripped with a horrible pain making him lose his concentration revealing himself as a green skinned alien named J'Ohn. He has a vision of monsterous creature coming to Earth. The creature is called Desparo. Leaving his solitude he goes in search of heroes to help fight this creature. He gathers up the team just in time as Desparo's ship start to make planet fall. The team is able to stop the creature outside of Washington DC with the timely aid of the new Earth Green Lantern and the mystery man from the sea Aquaman, and decide to band together to protect the Earth more except for Aquaman who returns to the sea.

    Aquaman - pretty much as is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the illustrious mr. kenway View Post
    can I use this version instead?

    He did a rewrite of Justice League with an Injustice League that I would have done.
    Its easier to redo stuff which is already done. To be fair he admitted that.

    And i really loved it. I thought oh this might be another of those complaints about Man of Steel. I have issues with it. But i really like the film.

    It was like watching a really good Superman film. Thank you for sharing. This was a better Superman movie. My favorite part was the bare knuckle fight between Zod and Superman where both don't have powers. It reminded me of that issue where Superman fought Lex in the alien planet. Imagine Henry Cavill boxing like that scene from Mission Impossible. Poor Cavill ended up worse in both films. But both scenes were highlights in the respective movies, Fallout and the rewritten one.

    There's a proper character arc for Supes, a proper three act structure. I loved it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Watkins View Post
    keep the universes separate
    This, so much.

    Instead of trying to make a shared DC universe, which they don't seem to be able to do anyway, what about expending on specific franchise? Make a bat family movie for example. Or something with Super Boy and the mother freaking Legion.
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