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Its easier to redo stuff which is already done. To be fair he admitted that.

And i really loved it. I thought oh this might be another of those complaints about Man of Steel. I have issues with it. But i really like the film.

It was like watching a really good Superman film. Thank you for sharing. This was a better Superman movie. My favorite part was the bare knuckle fight between Zod and Superman where both don't have powers. It reminded me of that issue where Superman fought Lex in the alien planet. Imagine Henry Cavill boxing like that scene from Mission Impossible. Poor Cavill ended up worse in both films. But both scenes were highlights in the respective movies, Fallout and the rewritten one.

There's a proper character arc for Supes, a proper three act structure. I loved it.
Smallville did that too. Zod and Clark's powers taken away by Blue Kyptonite. One of the few times in that show you see Clark's Hand to hand skills. That show was alot of slow mo pushing and smacking people. Which made that fight stand out