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    Default Comic Creators Connection!

    Hey Comic Creators!

    I'm David. I'm a writer and most recently, a writer for COMICS! My very first comic, I DREAM OF HEATHER, is currently available digitally on Amazon!

    Now that the shameless plugging is done with, I wanted to start a thread for Comic Creators.

    Writers. Artists. Colorists. Inkers. Any and all!

    I'm new to the scene myself, so would LOVE to meet some folks, talk comics and talk about MAKING COMICS.

    It's fun stuff, guys

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    I'm not sure, but wouldn't this thread be more appropriate in the "Creator Showcase" section (
    Forum: Creator Showcase
    Show off your creative side! Share your sketches, drawings, paintings, fan-fic, poetry, animation, video...any kind of creative work. Also discuss tools, techniques, and resources related to your craft.

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